Interpreting services can be provided remotely, please enquire.

Conference interpreting

Conference or simultaneous interpreting is oral and  requires a booth per language and technical equipment, as well as two interpreters to convey information in several languages in real time.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting does not require technical equipment and can be carried out by one person (or two) provided there are breaks during the meeting.

The speaker will deliver the message and the interpreter will convey it in a different language after the speakers intervention.

Liaison and public service interpreting

Liason interpreting – also known as public service interpreting (which entails the interpreter allowing for communication in several languages between the two parties):

  • Allows for small groups of people to communicate without the need of technical equipment.
  • It may require one or two interpreters depending on the number of breaks within the session.

Public speaking

Public speaking: Master of ceremonies, lecturing and information shaping.

Speaking before an audience requires technique, poise and being able to share with the audience the passion the client feels for their work, an inspired communicator is key to the success of any event.


Translation (expressing the original text in the desired language in written form) of scientific and medical papers, literary and other types of content, with coherent deadlines and fair fees.